Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Revenge of the Middle-Aged Women

After a very long time I came across a family drama to read. Elizabath Buchan’s Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman is an absorbing tale of a middle aged woman whose husband ditched her for a younger dame. The reason he cites is that he needs freedom and space. Another sad point is it is her secretary who robbed him along with her job. The heroine has to cope up with two tragedies- that of loss of job and husband. How she over comes her personal grief fills the rest of story. In the end it is she who found her space and freedom.

“I need freedom, space. We build cages for ourselves in all sorts of ways. Work, family habit. I’ve realized that I feel imprisoned by the walls I’ve built around myself.” Says Nathan, husband of Rose Lloyd.

Elizabath has beautifully woven the story mixing flash back scenes about how she met her husband and how she misunderstood her first lover. The problems her children face in their love lives also find expression in this story through her eyes. In the end she didn’t take any revenge on their antagonists. They got their own reward. Life had tricked them to be succeeded.

Really a good read after very long time.