Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some times getting old has its own problems. When a person outlives his friends his life would be very lonely and sad. He would find his life miscerable. He may not have any one to relate or share his memories. The homes where he spent his leisure days when his friends were alive would no longer welcome him. Edwin Arlington Robinson describes the ordeal of one such old man thus:

There was not much that was ahead of him
And there was nothing in the town below
Where strangers would have shut the many doors
That friends had opened them long ago.
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Friday, July 17, 2009

Movies of Yester years

To day I saw the Chori Chori dvd. It is an A.V.M.production. Raj Kapoor, Nargis and Pran were the main stars of the movie. Surprisingly Rajacholana appeared in a small side role. It’s a simple story. Rich and aristocrat Nargis escaped from her home in order to marry Pran. On her way she meets poor writer Raj Kapoor and both fall in love. After a slight misunderstanding lovers united in the end. It’s a remake of Hollywood film. It Happened In one night.

The film was released in 1956.This movie might have been appealed to the public when it was released. I could not remember. I was 10 years old. My known knowledge of Hindi film at the time is Janak Janak Payal Baje. My father was a great fan of V.Shantaram. He took the entire family to watch the movie. I could not understand Hindi. Yet I liked the dance sequence filmed in Brindavan Gardens. I succumbed to Hindi movies when I entered the college. The captivating songs drew me to Hindi films repeatedly in those days. Kishore Kumar became my icon. Listening to Hindi songs became a lifetime addict to me.

When I watched Chori Chori with English sub titles I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Westernized acting of Raj Kapoor is a welcome change from that of theatrical acting styles of Tamil actors of that period. Chori Chori is a musical hit. The music by Sanker Jaikishen is marvelous. Raj Kapoor Shankar Jaikishen is a highly successful combination. The Latha solo Rasika Baloma is one of my favourite hits of all time. The tilting Mannedy-Latha duet A Raat Bheegi- Bheegi and Aaaja Sanam Mathur haunt me even after fifty years .. Surprisingly Mukesh did not sing for Raj Kapoor. Why I don’t know. Any body knows the real reason? Chori Chori deservedly won the film fare award for best music for 1957.

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