Thursday, February 23, 2006

Item in Indian Express


Yesterday there was an item in a newspaper that caught my eyes. It is about acquittal of all the convicts of JESSICA LAL. Jessica lal was a barmaid who was shot dead at point blanc range for her refusal to serve drinks after her duty time by the son of a minister and his friends. There were eye witnesses. Yet conviction could not be awarded because of inadequqte presentation of prosecution case. The eye witneses have turned hostile. Former JUSTICE V.N.KHARE COMMENTING upon the case has observed in Indian Express that "In 1967 the conviction rate was 80 percent. In 2005 the same conviction rate dipped to 22 percent, and most successful cases concerned petty crimes. Obeviousely those petty offences are committed by the poor who are not in a position to engage an expensive Lawyer. The big fish, on the other hand, can tear their way out of the net of Law." Where we are heading? Who is going to put up a stop to this? What would become of our country in future? As rightly pointed out in the Editorial of Indian Express crime does really pay in our beloved country- Birth place of Mahatma Gandhi and Buddha. Lots of angry letters have been sent to editors of New papers. One letter said that the Penal Code should be so amended that accused if proved to be wealthy and political should be discharged without trial. This will save a lot wasteful expenditure of taxpayer's money. Some thought.

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