Thursday, April 19, 2007

Reading Agatha Christie again

I borrowed three books from my Library- Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie, The Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen and Next by Michael Crichton.

Reading Agatha Christie brought back memories of my college days. In those days I read only the detective stories. My favorites are Early Stanly Gardener and James Hardly Chase. I have not read many of A.C. though. But I have read Chase and Early Stanly Gardener a lot. Only in later years I read heavies like Thomas Hardy, Irving Wallace etc

P.C s was not invented then. If only it were I would have recorded each and every book I have read.

The Agatha Chrisite book I read now is Partners in Crime. It is a Tommy& Tuppence adventure series. It is a collection of independent episodes that include a tale of missing person, recovery of missing Jewels, solving a murder, bursting counterfeit money Racket and cornering a gang of smuggling of cocaine.

Tommy& Tuppence emulate their great historical detectives Sherlock Holmes, John Thorndike, Father Brown and Hercule Poi rot in solving their crimes.

It is an easy read and I enjoyed a lot.

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