Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Massacare by Maoists

Web dunia has posted an interesting article in tamil about massacre of 76 jawans by Maoists. The article was well analysed. But the underlying sympathy to Maoists is unnecessary.Corruption,misrule and greed of politicians as well as multinational corporations are responsible for the current state of affairs.In the name of sympathising with the tribal people justifying the resurgence of Maoists is not acceptable. One can not replace an evil with another evil. IF and When Maoists took control of Delhi(Indian intelligence agency predicted it to happen by 2050) There won't be any MIDDLE CLASS.They will be destroyed and wiped out.Rich class would have flown away by that time.The development and intelligentsia is beyond the understanding of present crop of Maoists leaders.What happened in china when Mao Took over and Pol Pot regime in Cambodia are recent history . In the name of cultural revolution Red guards displaced Millions of people from their home resulting in chaos and economic disarray through out china.In Cambodia POLPOT nearly WIPED OUT millions of them with out a trace.

Arundhati Roy in her article on Maoist massacre completely sided with the cause of mock courts and annihilation. In a well written article she exposed the nexus P.Chidambaram had with the mining mafia and land graping in the name of development.I completely agree with her views but her solution to the problem is not agreeable to me. we must find a way democratically not by police goons or maoists massacre.

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