Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Great Divide

Globalaisation has not made the lives of the have nots any thing better.The difference between the rich and the poor got still wider.An interesting article has appeared in the The new Indian Express supplement SCHOOL MAGAZINE to day(april 5 th). The author Subha Venkatesen said in her article that the people who have not enough to eat or having any place to live consist of 21 percent of the world population. This is fairly a large number. According to her the poor face challanges like living in places that are hard to reach(geography),bad climate,natural hazards,lack of education and poor health. In contrast societies with good harbours, favourable climate, adequate energy and good contacts with the rest of the world have always escaped extreme poverty.
There are other reasons that to add to the plight of the poor like explotiation ,social and cultural discriminisation. The world to day came to gather to help the society by setting goals called millennium development goals. Based on research, they decided to
give aid for enough food
give access to clean water and basic sanitation.
boost agriculture with fertilizers, improved seeeds and irrigation
give health care to everyone
invest in education
provide power to the backward regions.
How can we do this? How much is the cost of all this? The total requirement works out to $160 billions. Is it possible? It only involves 0.5 percent of the combined GNB (gross national product) of the affulent donar nations. This is a mere drop in the ocean.
According to her the world at last realised that unless there is prosperty there can not be peace .

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