Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The diaries of a Vietnamese Surgon

Again another news item caught my eyes recently. It appeared on April 3rd. No one would have forgotten Vietnam War. My younger days topic was the bravery of Viet gong army exploitation in battlefield against U.S.Army. The news item is about a brave women military doctor who looked after the wounded and comforted Viet gong soldiers against all the odds. She kept a diary filling her thoughts on suffering and love, the petty politics the communist party indulged in and her hatred for Americans. Her name was Dang Thuy Tram. She covered 36 months of the period. Tram also wrote about the hardships of dismantling and rebuilding of her hospital during wartime. There are frightening accounts of hiding in foxholes, chest deep in cold water or nearly suffocating in underground bunkers. She described Richard Nixon and U.S. Soldiers as “demons, devils. Dogs, pirates and poisonous snakes.”

U.S.troops earmarked her for capture or elimination. She died while giving protection to retreat of wounded soldiers. She laid down her life instead of surrendering to enemy forces. T he U.S. troops found the diaries after the capture of abandoned hospital. The diaries were not burned then as she was a war hero by the time. The people will also read her diaries as they did for another war victim Anne Frank.

Unfornutely Tram also had difficulties with communist party. In her own words “The saddest part of the hardship is that I still have not found fairness.”Oh1 that is politics.

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